Chili & Mint Calimari
Chili & Mint Calimari

I have a favourite, not so secret local wharf where we love to jig squid. Everyone lines up, side by side, in the dark pulling the squid up, one by one, avoiding the black ink as it sails through the air. The best part is the competition between myself, my son, my best friend and his kids to see who can catch the most. When the bucket is full we return home laughing and talking about what we are going to cook and which squid will become bait for another favourite catch, the illusive striped sea bass.

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Squid Rub
12 medium squid cleaned
6 tbsp fennel seed
Zest from 1 lemon
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp ground pepper
3 tbsp olive oil

Lemon , Chili Mint Drizzle
¼ c fresh lemon juice
Zest from 2 lemons
½ c olive oil
Freshly ground pepper
2-3 red chili deseeded and finely diced
¼ c finely chopped fresh mint


Place squid on a cutting board, insert a wide flat knife into the cavity and then lightly score squid 3 or 4 times on the diagonal then reverse and score in the other direction so that you end up with a cross – hatch effect. Flip over and continue the same scoring on the other side. Do this to all 12 squid. Coat squid with olive oil and lemon zest.

With a mortar and pestle, crush the fennel seed, pepper and sea salt until lightly ground. With your hands rub this mixture into the squid making sure that it penetrates into the diagonal slices. Place squid in a re-sealable bag and refrigerate 3-4 hours or up to 24 hours.

Lemon, Chili & Mint Drizzle

In a bowl whisk together olive oil and lemon juice. Stir in chili and mint with a pinch of sea salt and some freshly ground pepper. Set aside.

Meanwhile heat the grill to 400 F. Place squid on grill rotating once it starts to char, every minute, until squid is opaque. Do not over cook.

Place squid on a platter and pour lemon, chili and mint drizzle evenly over all the squid. Serve.

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